simple…we find you the best programs & the best rates for almost any type of insurance

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Insurance can be complicated. So many types… so many programs…so many companies. It can be overwhelming. Believe us….we know. We’ve been helping individuals, families & business with it since 1998.





Our goal is to make a simple. How? By using the over 50 years of combined experience we have to put together an extensive network of top rated carriers & programs all in one place.
We also know that insurance is something we all need & know that it’s important, but no one likes to pay for. Our goal is also to get you the best plans & coverage4 less”.



We are a completely “independent” insurance brokerage/agency….and that’s a good thing for you. Why? Because the #1 reason most people pay too much for insurance is they purchase it from “captive” agents/agencies or independent agents that have preferred relationships with just a few companies. The reason?It’s more profitable for them. We do the opposite. We choose to put our client’s interest first. That means that we’ll do everything in our power to always find you the best programs, with the best features, at the best price.You can be assured that at Insurance 4 Less, our client’s interest are and will always be our #1.That’s pretty unusual in the current business environment, where it’s all about profits, revenues & share price.  But we believe that even today, if you put your clients first, everything else will take care of itself.

ACA health plan open enrollment starts on 11/15! Speak to a certified “Health Insurance Marketplace” specialist. We can help you find the best plans & subsidies that are available.


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we find you the best programs & the best rates for almost any type of insurance

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